Hay fever and asthma involve about 25% of the population in industrialised countries.

The optimal preventive treatment is based on induced tolerance by repeated administration of products from the sources of the allergy such as pollen, house dust mites and pets. This treatment - allergen specific Immunotherapy - involves allergen vaccines, also called allergen extracts.

The objective of EAMG is to ensure a favorable environment for optimal use of allergen extracts in the interest of the allergy specialist and the patients.




The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) kindly invites you to attend the EAACI Congress 2013


European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology is arranged in Copenhagen from June 7 to 11 2013.

The members of EAMG is supporting the educational activities during this meeting.



EAMG supported EAACI/GA2LEN Allergy Schools on allergen-specific immunotherapy.

New guidelines from the European Medicine Agency lays down the quality recommendations for allergen products of used for specific immunotherapy (SIT) or in vivo diagnosis of immunoglobulin E (IgE) - mediated allergic diseases. These guidelines addresses issues of study design, efficacy and safety for allergen products being developed for specific immunotherapy of allergic diseases.




The World Allergy Organisation (WAO) that represents more than 70 national scientific allergy societies hosted the The WAO Symposium on Immunotherapy and Biologics Chicago, 13-14 December 2014.


Allergen Specific Immunotherapy (SIT) is the only treatment that influences the basic course of the allergic diseases (WHO Position Paper 1998) and is so far the only treatment for respiratory allergic diseases which has shown the capacity to prevent development of asthma (WHO Allergic Rhinitis and its impact on Asthma report 2008 – update).